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          1. Struggle is Naiqiang

            In 1995, when 28-year-old Lin Dilei ushered in the most important career of his life, he founded the predecessor of Naiqiang-Hualian Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing Plant. Compared with the vigorous development abroad, the domestic powder metallurgy industry market was in its infancy that year, and the market, production materials, process technology, etc. were all in the groping stage, but Lin Dilei was still very optimistic about the development prospects of the powder metallurgy industry and invested resolutely.

            "How to solve production?" became the first thorny problem to be solved after the establishment of the enterprise. With no information, no equipment, and mixed feelings, he embarked on a journey with enthusiasm. The upset of the industry exceeded his imagination, and it has become the norm to repeatedly bump into walls. In the end, the Dongmu Company in Ningbo reached out and Lin Dilei obtained a precious production material, which became Hualian's stepping stone to open powder metallurgy manufacturing.

            In 2003, the powder metallurgy market achieved rapid development in China, and Hualian began to enter a rising period, but the old machinery and equipment could no longer meet the customer's product needs. At that time, the price of an advanced mechanical press was the company's profit for one and a half years. On the issue of capital investment, there were huge differences within the company. In the face of resistance, Lin Dilei bought the machine against the crowd, helping Hualian's product quality to enter a new stage.

            In 2007, Hualian’s business growth rate required the introduction of a mechanical press production line again. However, the huge financial pressure put the factory in a difficult position. Faced with a dilemma, the press manufacturer that has worked well for many years threw an olive branch. We loaned 3 machines within time and promised to pay after use, thus solving the urgent production problem. So far, Hualian has ushered in a real leapfrog development!

            In 2019, the Hualian brand-Naiqiang will usher in a comprehensive strategic upgrade, and will take a more active and professional attitude to meet the challenges of the market, and use Hualian's fighting spirit to guide the company's sustainable development!