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          1. Have a complete management system and complete quality control

            1. IQC
            2. PQC
            3. FQC
            4. OQC
            For quality, Hualian has established an independent testing laboratory for products and materials, and improved the quality management system in the manufacturing process.
            At present, the company has professional powder metallurgy inspection facilities, including hardness tester, density tester, profilometer, projector, three coordinates, etc., and supporting powder metallurgy special test equipment, including ICP spectrometer, high-speed carbon and sulfur analyzer, electron microscope scanner, gold camera. It can effectively control the production quality and provide reliable failure analysis.
            Bulowie optical hardness tester
            Metallographic specimen microscope
            Roughness measuring instrument
            Rockwell hardness
            Three coordinates
            Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
            Digital display projector
            Microcomputer servo universal testing machine